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With an extensive portfolio in wedding photography and commercial advertising, MYK Studios has been working for over 7 years. All of these genres of photography enlighten the other and create unique blends that all fuse into one distinct style. It is this striking diversity and attention to detail within the various photography genres that has created MYK Studios ‘vast clientele. MYK Studios creative team is involved in every aspect of a shoot and makes each photograph personal by working on it from pre-production all the way to compositing the creative retouching of the final image. MYK Studios is working with some of the most intriguing and talented makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists in the business. We have operations in several major cities across the country. With extreme attention to detail, the adeptness to direct large sets and the technical acuteness to produce the most elegant lighting schemes, MYK consistently rises above and beyond his clients’ expectations.

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