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Pak Venues: An Introduction

General Company Description
PakVenues is an emerging innovative enterprise that aims to put venues of entire Lahore City under one prestigious Umbrella of PakVenues helping both Venue Owners and end users. We strive to provide a complete and integrated list of all venues, event complexes and Marquees of Lahore on our main website, easing the currently nerve wrecking process of venue selection for our esteemed end users.

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We solemnly believe that our website will potentially jolt the entire dynamics of venue industry in Lahore. Our online Venue Portal is no less than a blessing for our end users who find the process of venue selection both tiresome and time consuming. We offer the options of Reservation and Booking for end users from the comfort of their homes.

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PakVenues.com is the future of marquee and venue industry and provides multiple and diverse opportunities for Venue Owners as we have creative marketing plans that will help both growing businesses and already established businesses. Venue industry is thriving and budding from the past decade and we aim to propel and catapult this process through our ground breaking website.

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Mission Statement: Dream -> Explore -> Reserve

Products and Services

We are offering a stream of opportunities to our valuable Venue Owners and invite them to sign-up with us on this futuristic project as it will not only help them boost their sales but will further allow them to cater larger markets opening new corridors of success. Our website gives Venue Owners their own page where they can share details of their venue covering all prices and deals from catering to lighting, sound to stage decorations. Owners further enjoy the liberty of uploading epoch-making pictures of venues and events which serve as magnets for end users.

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Digital presence in today’s world has gained paramount importance and is mandatory for all venue owners to maintain an impeccable visibility on social media and internet, luckily we offer both these as our clients enjoy the absolute prestige of social media promotion through our numerous Social Media pages and accounts. Moreover we also provide necessary Search Engine Optimization for venues which is crucial for maintaining a healthy digital presence. Our acclaimed clients will enjoy the following perks which will give them a definite age of their competitors in the market.

·       Unblemished Digital Presence

·       Immaculate Social Media Presence

·       Local Search Engine Optimization

·       A note-worthy chance of tapping new markets

·       E-promotion



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